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These whitepapers contain valuable technical and high-level information on enterprise and B2C ecommerce in varying regions.

Sitecore Commerce B2B Accelerator | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

Ecommerce agencies want the best for their B2B clients. However, an effective wholesale system has distinct demands and requires unique capabilities when compared to B2C. The Sitecore Experience Commerce B2B Accelerator is designed to completely enhance Sitecore Experience Commerce, tailoring it to wholesale processes and allowing it to: This brochure will outline how B2B merchants can benefit from outstanding features for both storefront and backend including personalised catalog, quick order

Remote Team Management Playbook with Shopify Plus | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

Times are changing, and so is the dynamic between business and employee. Modern workers value more flexibility in how and where they work, while ecommerce brands need to be able to serve their customers wherever and whenever they need. Welcome to the era of remote teams. In the Remote Team Management Playbook we discuss practical strategies and information to help businesses make informed decisions on how to maximise the effectiveness of a remote strategy and utilise it to improve their busine

Whitepaper - Designing and Delivering a Winning Practical Ecommerce Promotion

Running a successful ecommerce holiday promotion requires a winning mindset and a practical, actionable strategy. You’ll need to go above and beyond conventional practises to come out on top nowadays, so you’ll need the right tools and knowledge to avoid any missed opportunities. In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss: -Gauging competition and the scope of the market -Thinking like a customer to better attract buyers -Planning a schedule and budget for your promotions -The variety of advertising channels available -Best practises for refining your advertising campaigns -How to automate your marketing efforts -Maintaining an omnichannel presence There are a lot of moving parts and it can be easy to overlook important considerations, so SmartOSC, Magento and Emarsys have teamed up to make sure you won’t skip a beat during the Q4 holiday rush!

Practical Commerce|

South East Asian ecommerce merchants that hope to remain sustainable and competitive need to start thinking more practically about what they offer their customers: This whitepaper will explain the practical approach to ecommerce, provide you with the knowledge needed to implement an MVP model, and demonstrate success stories from real brands that have applied these concepts to great success. The power and adaptability of Magento make it the ideal solution for merchants hoping to launch, sell an

Whitepaper - Practical Commerce: The Lean Approach to ANZ Ecommerce Growth | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

ANZ ecommerce merchants that hope to remain sustainable and competitive need to start thinking more practically about what they offer their customers: SmartOSC introduces a 'practical' approach to developing a lean ecommerce store. Reaching market as quickly and effectively as possible is the optimal strategy, and unnecessary restrictions will only impede the process. A lean model is the ideal solution for merchants hoping to launch, sell and grow quickly.

Whitepaper: B2B E-Commerce Starts Here | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

Brands like Coca-cola and Home Depot implemented similar strategies to those outlined in this report, albeit at a grand scale, to achieve real, scalable results. The most important thing to start your digital transformation journey is not to first become an expert on B2B Commerce, but to utilize the correct resources that complement your business strategy and learn as you grow, constantly innovating and adapting your model while leveraging the significant benefits that B2B E-Commerce presents.

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