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Content related to Shopify, the largest eCommerce platform in the world. These articles focus on tutorials, educating the market, Shopify Plus News, and how to successfully develop a high-converting store using the Shopify platform.

Remote Team Management Playbook with Shopify Plus | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

Times are changing, and so is the dynamic between business and employee. Modern workers value more flexibility in how and where they work, while ecommerce brands need to be able to serve their customers wherever and whenever they need. Welcome to the era of remote teams. In the Remote Team Management Playbook we discuss practical strategies and information to help businesses make informed decisions on how to maximise the effectiveness of a remote strategy and utilise it to improve their busine

Full Course: Build a High-Converting Shopify Store [8 Articles, 4.5 hours Video]

This Shopify Store design course will teach you how to build different page types with PageFly app. Across 8 pages and 30 videos we’ll explain to you how to use PageFly based on practical examples. You can access directly to the video course through Shopify Store Design – Building 8 most critical pages video collection. • Why you Should Never Overlook your Shopify 'About Us' Page Everyone is hungry for the sale. USP, CRO, landing pages and ad campaigns are all great but there is an integral piec

Shopify Pages - Everything You Need to Know

Shopify has solidified itself as the top ecommerce platform on the planet. This is largely due to its philosophy of keeping Shopify pages simple and effective, while supporting new merchants through extensive resources and opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge to grow their business. • How Do I Use Shopify Pages? The key benefits of Shopify pages are that they come stock with the platform, meaning that if you are a Shopify merchant, you have instant access to predesigned, responsiv

The Shopify Ecosystem: Awesome Shopify Partner Blogs to Gain Knowledge on all Things Shopify

Shopify would not have become the ubiquitous ecommerce platform it is today without the diverse and rich ecosystem of Shopify affiliates and partners constantly pushing the envelope on its capabilities. Merchants have an array of developers, agencies, designers and marketers at their disposal, all of varying abilities and cost, but the sea of knowledge available through all of the Shopify partner blogs is what makes the auspicious platform stand out. While Shopify as a company already generates

Shopify Plus CBD Growth Op The Ideal Platform for Hemp-Driven Ecommerce Growth | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

American ecommerce merchants currently navigating the complicated cannabidiol regulatory environment can take a breath of fresh air now that Shopify offers new features designed to provide an unhindered platform experience despite the divisive nature of the industry. As of September 17th, Shopify has asserted its position on retail embracing the projected $22 billion by 2022 CBD industry. This represents a big step forward for removing the stigma surrounding cannabis products and an acknowledge

Shopify Unite 2019 Enhanced Control Automation and Experience Shopify Plus Merchants | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

Shopify Unite 2019 marked one of the largest and most significant events to date. Shopify announced a huge number of features that could ostensibly alter the eCommerce landscape for all merchants, expanding their capabilities and moving closer to a complete omnichannel solution. • None Enhanced storefront design features: a previous setback for Shopify users were the customization restrictions with the theme editor, namely for any pages other than the homepage. Shopify has announced sections on

Shopifyplus vs Shopify | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

Shopify is a force to be reckoned with in the small-to-mid size eCommerce market. With over 800,000 merchants currently using the platform, it’s difficult to argue with their success. But Shopify is also hard at work on their enterprise solution, Shopify Plus, which is designed for high growth, high volume businesses that need the power and support necessary to scale. To know if your business is prepared for the jump to the big time, it’s important to understand the distinctions between the two

Ecommerce Automation: Shopify Flow will Relieve Growing Pains for Merchants | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

The bigger the business, the higher the volume of tasks. Even small tasks, when repeated hundreds or thousands of times, can begin to take away from other operational aspects that deserve more attention. Shopify Flow, a free extension available to Shopify Plus+ enterprise sellers, seeks to solve this problem by automating monotonous and even more complex tasks using customized workflows. A nimble business is a winning business in eCommerce. Companies that can quickly adapt and have systems that

D2C Ecommerce Automation Shopify Flow | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

D2C Ecommerce Automation with Shopify Flow D2C is proving to be a necessary channel for brands looking to boost their connection with their customer base. Customers are looking for great experiences, and delivering it means more man hours and innovation. The good news is that automation extensions like Shopify Plus Flow+ will help businesses concentrate on providing these experiences while automating more tedious tasks. Direct-to-consumer is a prominent emerging sales channel for good reason. I

Shopify Plus at SmartOSC’s Headquarters | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

SmartOSC’s teams today had the privilege of receiving valuable insights from Rhys Furner, Head of Partnerships (APAC) at Shopify Plus, and Jason Bowman, Team Lead for Shopify Plus APAC Region. The emphasis was on innovation and how the platform can help merchants grow internationally and future-proof their eCommerce approach. As one of the few full-service Shopify Plus agencies in the entire Asia-Pacific region, SmartOSC takes pride in advising our clients on how this powerful platform can help

Best Shopify Landing Page Checklist for Increasing Conversion

• What is the Purpose of a Landing Page? • What is its Function? • Using the PageFly App with Pre-designed Page Template Packs It’s important for Shopify merchants to take advantage of the features available to them. When designing your site, you must acknowledge that only having a great homepage is not sufficient for your visitors’ all-around experience. Collection page, product pages, blog, contact - these are all important - but there’s one page with enormous potential that can often be ov

Shopify vs. Volusion: Pros and Cons of Two Ecommerce Heavyweights – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

Do you have a great business idea but are struggling to decide on which ecommerce platform will get you the most bang for your buck? Running your own online business is a palmary achievement that deserves the best systems to help boost your chances of success. There are a lot of options out there today, and so many factors to consider. In general the major three elements you should pay attention to are: While these are extremely important, there is so much depth offered from the various ecomme

Shopify India is Here: What You Need to Know – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

• How much does Shopify cost in India? • How to Make First Sales? As we observe Shopify evolve further into a global platform, it’s important to pay attention to the successful brands that have managed to use it profitably and effectively outside of the core regions (North America, UK). Currently, Shopify India hosts more than 3,000 stores, proving that the platform is taking off there as well. India, with an estimated 320 million online shoppers by 2020, is poised to become a dominant entity

Top Shopify Stores: Emerging Success Stories in Top Selling Categories – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

The ecommerce world, vast and burgeoning, is incredibly competitive. Shopify alone has over 600,000 merchants of different size and scope. So what do some of the top Shopify stores do to stand out? Is there a magic formula that will allow a prospective ecommerce entrepreneur to distinguish themself from the crowd? Experts will often offer platitudes or insights that can seem commonplace and cliche. Of course the business owner needs to be mindful of budgets, marketing, production, sales, etc.

Shopify Payments: Make Sales Globally from your Ecommerce Store – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

• Why Shopify Payments is So Important • Where is Shopify Payments Available? • Open Up to the World with Shopify Payments • How Do I Set Up Shopify Payments? Ecommerce is on course to become the dominant way for retail consumers to make purchases in the near future. This is due to the accessibility and variety of products and services available at their fingertips. Systems like Shopify Payments are designed to enable consumers and business owners to buy and sell globally. The potential to ta

Register for Shopify Free Trial – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

• How to Start the Shopify 14-day Free Trial Now that you have a good knowledge base on what Shopify is and what it can do, it’s time to get some hands-on experience with the platform. One of the most attractive aspects of Shopify is the fact that potential merchants are able to use the fully-functioning platform for a free 14-day trial using only an email address. While free trials are very popular on comparable platforms, most companies require credit card information in order to commence t

What is Shopify? A Beginners Guide to Starting Their Ecommerce Journey – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

• So What Does Shopify Do? • What Are the Advantages of Shopify? • What Can I Sell on Shopify? • How Do I Get Started with Shopify? • How much does it cost? • How Do My Customers Pay? • How Do I Design My Store? • What Resources are Available to Me with Shopify? Convenience. Variety. Competitive pricing. Promotions. Trends. Niche products. These are just a few of the buzzwords you will hear jump out when discussing the enormous global ecommerce industry. Nowadays, it’s vital for businesses to

How to Choose the Best Shopify Themes to Improve your E-commerce Busin – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

Nowadays there is a huge emphasis on the engaging design of online content. By nature, people are attracted to something that excites the senses and is intuitive to use, so a modern and pleasing aesthetic is crucial to convey a certain level of professionalism. Combine this with the booming e-commerce industry and there is vast development potential. • Examples of the Best Industry-Specific Shopify Themes • What to Consider when Deciding which is the Best Shopify Theme for You • Some other major

Shopify Help Center & Support – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

There are few companies the size of Shopify that can boast such a solid customer satisfaction rating. The reason for this is the tremendous range of resources and channels that are available to users. Shopify offers true 24/7 free support regardless of weekends or holidays. These systems are in place to ensure that you feel secure in your decision to be a Shopify client, and that you can trust the company to have your back regardless of your e-commerce needs. In this article I’ll show you how

[Review] Brooklyn: A Stylish Free Shopify Theme – SellerSmith - Shopify Apps and free Shopify themes

In this article we take an in-depth look at how to download and apply the Brooklyn free Shopify theme to your online store. We will cover the key features and showcase the theme editor through a helpful video. • Log in to your Personal Shopify Store • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (but not really) Nowadays more people are choosing to shop online because of the quick access to a larger range of products and prices. This, of course, has caused retailers to adapt their business models to cater to th

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