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Articles outlining how to use PageFly's powerful features and intuitive interface to build a beautiful converting Shopify store without the headaches.

[Ultimate list] Conversion rate optimization best practices - Edited by Me, not authored

If you’ve been working in the online world, the term “conversion rate optimization” must be so common that it sounds like a phenomenon. Conversion rate optimization is critical to both online and traditional businesses. But in an era where every tiny bit of our lives takes place online, it’s essential for us, the business people, to understand the term and have the ability to apply to our firms. What is conversion rate optimization for eCommerce? When it comes to eCommerce, a conversion is br

Full Course: Build a High-Converting Shopify Store [8 Articles, 4.5 hours Video]

This Shopify Store design course will teach you how to build different page types with PageFly app. Across 8 pages and 30 videos we’ll explain to you how to use PageFly based on practical examples. You can access directly to the video course through Shopify Store Design – Building 8 most critical pages video collection. • Why you Should Never Overlook your Shopify 'About Us' Page Everyone is hungry for the sale. USP, CRO, landing pages and ad campaigns are all great but there is an integral piec

Shopify Pages - Everything You Need to Know

Shopify has solidified itself as the top ecommerce platform on the planet. This is largely due to its philosophy of keeping Shopify pages simple and effective, while supporting new merchants through extensive resources and opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge to grow their business. • How Do I Use Shopify Pages? The key benefits of Shopify pages are that they come stock with the platform, meaning that if you are a Shopify merchant, you have instant access to predesigned, responsiv

The Shopify Ecosystem: Awesome Shopify Partner Blogs to Gain Knowledge on all Things Shopify

Shopify would not have become the ubiquitous ecommerce platform it is today without the diverse and rich ecosystem of Shopify affiliates and partners constantly pushing the envelope on its capabilities. Merchants have an array of developers, agencies, designers and marketers at their disposal, all of varying abilities and cost, but the sea of knowledge available through all of the Shopify partner blogs is what makes the auspicious platform stand out. While Shopify as a company already generates

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