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How a Tech Startup is Braving the Sea of Hostility Between the USA and China

The US and China have maintained a historically tumultuous relationship, I think we can all agree on that. Unfortunately, this volatility gets magnified during times of societal change and pressure. Say, during a global pandemic, like the one we’re experiencing right now. Business between these two powerhouse nations plays a significant role in holding everything together. In fact, smooth and consistent trade relations can be considered the thread that invisibly binds the US and China — and be

How Does China Buy? A Look at the Customer Journey.

There’s no denying that business is done differently in the east than in the west. So it makes sense that the behaviour of consumers also contrasts, right? Put simply, the Chinese customer’s journey puts a lot more focus on the overall enjoyment of the experience. Almost equating shopping with a hobby, rather than a necessity. Case in point: over 70% of Chinese shoppers consider it to be a fun activity, while less than half of Americans find any joy in the hunt for consumer goods. What’s mor

Shopify Plus at SmartOSC’s Headquarters | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

SmartOSC’s teams today had the privilege of receiving valuable insights from Rhys Furner, Head of Partnerships (APAC) at Shopify Plus, and Jason Bowman, Team Lead for Shopify Plus APAC Region. The emphasis was on innovation and how the platform can help merchants grow internationally and future-proof their eCommerce approach. As one of the few full-service Shopify Plus agencies in the entire Asia-Pacific region, SmartOSC takes pride in advising our clients on how this powerful platform can help

What Do Digital Marketers Do? 7 Practical Tips And Insights

Digital marketers are responsible for ensuring the consistent performance and improvement of online marketing endeavours. There are many channels and methods they can use to enrich the overall strategy by paying close attention to digital metrics and working in unity with the entire marketing team. In this article, we'll take a look at some proven practices and point out how they contribute to achieving marketing targets. Because the world of digital marketing changes so rapidly, it's hard to

Vietnam Tech Talent: An Untapped Oasis of E-Commerce Growth Potential

The idea of relinquishing any creative control or business direction might at first seem crazy to some entrepreneurs. Previously it seemed like a foreign concept – pun intended – to allow complete access and influence from a company operating overseas, but Vietnam continues to prove itself in all areas of information technology, and the opportunity for e-commerce merchants hoping to scale up can’t be ignored. “Would we be better off outsourcing key eCommerce functions or keeping it all in-hou

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